Man’s pink work van dubbed ‘monstrosity’ after he parks it outside neighbours house

It all kicked off in one neighbourhood, thanks to one man’s bright pink van.

Grab the popcorn, we’ll clue you in.

The driver of the van admits it’s a ‘horrible pink colour’ but says he can’t do anything about it because it is a work van.

He was accused of being ‘inconsiderate’ for parking the ‘monstrosity’ on his street, just down from his house, reports Stoke on Trent Live.

The man had left the rather colourful truck parked up down the road – and it seems some neighbours weren’t happy.

An anonymous note claiming to be from ‘four unhappy neighbours’ was left on his windscreen.

It said: “Why don’t you park this monstrosity of a van next to your own house? Very inconsiderate. From at least four unhappy neighbours.”

After he laughed it off, the van driver was surprised to find another note complaining again the next day.

Written in block capitals, it said: “PARK THIS MONSTROSITY IN FRONT OF YOUR! OWN HOUSE. NOT MINE!”

But the man said he had parked in that spot deliberately – to avoid congestion.

He said: “I received this note after parking a works van – to be fair a horrible pink colour – further up the road to allow cars past as it’s too narrow outside my house.

“I tried speaking to the neighbour after I parked it but he blanked me. I suspect it’s the same neighbour who parks his van also in the street.”

After receiving the second note, the man added: “I wouldn’t mind if they came and spoke to me in person about it. They definitely know where I live.

“It’s a works van, so not my choice. It’s only ever parked there overnight, once every fortnight, maybe less often.”