Get BBQ smoke smell out of clothes without washing with simple trick

After weeks of miserable weather, the forecast is finally looking up – and just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

So what better time to dust off the barbeque and invite your nearest and dearest around to enjoy a spot of sunshine – especially now that coronavirus restrictions have eased.

But whilst the smell of food cooking is dreamy, the smell of smoke that clings to your clothes, blankets, furniture and basically anything within a 10-foot radius of the BBQ, is impossible to escape – and just as hard to remove.

So, we spoke to cleaning expert and founder of Laundryheap, Deyan Dimitrov, to see what we can do to get rid of the smell.

Overwashing garments is never good for their longevity; so if your outfit is otherwise clean, try airing it outside before putting it in the washing machine, Deyan suggests.

If the neighbours are lighting up their own barbeque or the clouds are looking ominous, head to the bathroom instead!

Hang the item up whilst having a hot shower to let the steam relax the fabric fibres and release any unwanted odours – this is also a great decreasing trick if you’re rushing out to your next barbeque!

Another quick fix is a homemade fabric freshening spray.

Mix vinegar, which is as cheap as chips and acts as a natural deodorizer, with water and a few drops of essential oil for a more pleasant scent.

Then, just spritz the solution over your smoky clothes.

Or, if you really need to resort to a machine, try this first: seal the garment in a bag with baking soda and leave it overnight as the powder will help to absorb any odours.

Then add half a cup of lemon juice or vodka to the wash! This will leave your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh.