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World's weirdest drinking customs you will ever know

“When in Rome, do like the Romans do!” There is a vast diversity of cultures in our country. But when we talk about the world, this diversity gets multiplied by a thousand times, and it is important to know the customs. No matter whichever place you go around the globe, the only way to get to know the people of that country is by having a drink with them.

But before you clink glasses with your new friends, you might want to take a minute and get to know about their drinking customs. Because just as there are different cultures around the world so are their various drinking methods. And if you don’t obey them you might end up with a curse of bad sex for seven years.

“Toasting” originated in 17th century England. Spiced bread was added to wine to increase the flavor and cut through the acidity of the wine. In the Czech Republic, It is a must to make eye contact with those you Toast, but you should never cross your arms or else you’ll be cursed with bad sex for seven years.

It is different in the Ukrainian weddings, brides must keep their feet on the ground, and their shoes are stolen which are then thrown in the entire room and guests need to drink wine from these stolen shoes. On the other hand in Germany, the night before the wedding the Bride-to-be is kidnapped by the groomsmen and then taken to a bar. And if the groom has to take the bride back he has to get drinks for the group.

In Nigeria, Only when both the bride and the groom have taken a drink of traditional Palm wine are they considered officially married.

The Dutch have adopted the “Head Butt” method of drinking whiskey which does not allow the use of hands. The process involves bending from the waist to take a sip before straightening up and chasing with Beer. Now, the French, they are very sophisticated people when it comes to drinks. The ladies are offered first, and their glasses are filled halfway, and the tradition says it is not advisable to pour your glass.

In Japan as well it is considered impolite to pour your drink, Always your neighbour's drink should be topped up and they’ll return the favour. Drinkers turn away from the group while sipping a sign of respect. In Sweden, drinking songs a sung loudly before, during and after every round of aquavit.

When drinking in Australia with friends, everyone is expected to shout or buy a round of drinks for everyone, or else it’s considered very bad if you avoid screaming. In China, during toasts, the elders hold their glasses higher than the juniors. The first drink is downed in one, and the glasses kept upturned to show nothing remains.

In 1843 13 revolutionaries were executed for leading an uprising against Austria. Their deaths were celebrated by the clinking of Beer glasses, so Hungarians abstain from doing this.

Icelanders are so fond of alcohol that they dedicate two holidays to it. 1st March is Beer Day, but Verslunarmannahelgi in August is the drunkest weekend of the year.

Drinking customs in India are weird too. There is a temple known as Kal Bhairav Temple in Ujjain where the goddess is worshipped with whiskey and Rum. The wine has been an important part of Indian mythology and spirituality for thousands of years. Even today alcohol is used by many to reach a higher level of consciousness.

So next time you visit a country, do keep in mind to know their drinking customs first or else you might end up getting cursed.