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Try Beer Which Blends With Your Taste

A party without brewing is a meeting! So for all my friends who drink only on the days that end with ‘Y’, I have something exclusive. Who could have thought a simple process of barley, water, hops, and yeast, could pep up a mood.

The beer has essentially got its name from the process of ‘brewing’. What luck! Now the question is whether you are taking beer for health benefits such as reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases or prevention of coronary disease, whether you want to have an improved digestive system or treating diabetes, whatever be the reason, you must try beer which suits your taste. So here are quick blends which are a must try for all my buddies.

Know the Type of Beer Your Tongue Lusts For

Well, there are basically two kinds of beer, Lagers and Ales. While Lagers are smoother in taste due to its long fermentation process at a low temperature, the opposite is the case with Ales. Ales beers are bitter due to the presence of hop.

Therefore once you know if you long for Lagers or Ales look for options in it. For instance, in Lagers, you can have a choice, Pilsner, Oktoberfest, Bock, Dunkel etc. Ales beer gives the power to select from porter to stout, amber Irish ale, Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale and so forth.

In all probability, if you are looking for my choice, I would segregate as under-

Summer days- Budweiser…Why?? It has that apt sweetness and the punch too.

A bucket list should have Founders porter (a blend of chocolate and caramel), Hoegaarden Bitweir (for first timers), Lagunitas Pils, a Czech- style pilsner drink smooth and refreshing.

Cocktails That Blend Your Taste and Style

If you thought simple beer is boring, here is a twist to it. Try the following and you ought to recommend your buddies too.

  • Pumpkin Pie Cream Ale

  • Watermelon Sangria

  • The Eclipse

  • Spiked Michelada

  • Espresso Stout

  • Posh ginger shandy

  • Campari IPA

  • Raspberry Beer Mojito

I can go on and on and on…Somebody stop me.

Accompaniments of Top Notch Quality

Yeah, what is beer if it’s not paired well with its accompaniments? We many a time let go our options and bear with whatever that comes in. NO. This is exactly where our taste buds go wrong and land up saying ‘This beer is awful’… I am not going to guide you along, but here are few tips that I feel will help you all get the right taste-

  • IPA takers- Get hold of some mild sweet cakes and a little spicy food.

  • PILSNER takers- Salad, anything non-vegetarian will work. For my vegetarian friends, cottage cheese is the best.

  • HEFEWEIZEN- Salad, fruits, tacos, chips, sea-food

  • AMBER ALE- Gels with all kinds of food, spicy, salad, non-fussy beer!

  • BROWN ALE- Though not very popular in India, but if you are the one who enjoys, grab in some chicken and salmon.

  • PORTER- Grilled, barbequed stuff will work

  • STOUT- The taste enhances with intake of chicken, oysters, and seafood.

I have tried my best to put in things which I hope will build up a taste for your taste-buds. Remember more the malt, sweeter it gets. More the hop, kicking it gets! HAPPY BREWING!