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What do Oprah, Jay Z and the Jennifer Lawrence have in common? They all fix themselves a hardy drink once a while to get them going!

Want to know the drinks that the celebrities and iconic characters choose when they want to knock one back? Here, take a look to see which celebrities you share your fave drink with!

# Margarita – Jennifer Aniston (AKA Rachel)

Jennifer Aniston might not strike you as the “what stays in Mexico” type, but a little sweet, a little sour and plenty of kick is what she likes to drink.

How to make?

  • 1 oz Tequila

  • ½ oz Triple Sec

  • 2 oz sweet/sour

  • Salt rim of glass

  • Shake properly and garnish it with lime wedges.

# Mai Tai – Pamela Anderson (Baywatch, anyone?!)

As feisty as she is, did you expect any less? When she is partying, she likes to really go all out!

How to make?

  • ¾ oz Dark Rum

  • ¾¾ oz Golden Rum

  • ¾½ z Triple Sec

  • ¾¼ ozOrgeat Syrup

  • ¾2 oz sweet and sour mix

  • ¾Do not forget it to give it a good shake before serving!

# Tequila – Angelina Jolie

If you had so many kids and a demanding career to manage, even you would need a strong drink as Tequila. She might have her own line of wines with Brad Pitt, but at heart, she is a Tequila girl.

How to make?

It is best taken as a shot with a little lime and salt!

# Hangman’s Blood – Anthony Burgess

Popular as the “man’s” Long Island Iced Tea, this drink packs some serious punch. Perpetuating the stereotype of the writer as lush, Anthony Burgess teaches everyone at the party how to hold one’s drink!

How to make?

  • ½ oz Gin

  • ¾½ oz Whiskey

  • ¾½ oz Rum

  • ¾½ oz Port

  • ¾½ oz Brandy

  • ¾Stout Beer

  • Champagne to top it off!

(Word of caution: Drink under strict supervision!)

# Mojito – Vanessa Paradis (Johny Depp’s other half for several years!)

Vanessa has been the envy of a lot of women around the world (Of course! She married Johny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow!), but for a bartender, she was the worst nightmare. Mojito’s are extremely taxing to concoct and she simply would not stop at one or two or three…maybe, four?

How to make?

  • ¾½ oz sugar

  • ¾Several mint leaves, mashed

  • ¾1 oz Rum

  • ¾1 oz sweet and sour mix

  • ¾A splash of club soda

  • ¾Shake it properly and squeeze lemon as garnish.

# Jack on the rocks – Sting

Ever wondered how Sting maintained his rock n’ roll lifestyle? Well, the secret is out – Jack on the rocks! He may be light years away from being young, wild and free, but this is one staple that lingers on.

How to make?

2” ice balls and quarter glass of Jack Daniels. Remember, this is a badass drink. Stay prepared for a hangover!

How many have you already tried? Please share your “drunken” experiences!