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The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind” quoted Humphrey Bogart. Beer being a favourite and most preferred drink by many is the secret recipe of happiness for the proud belly bearers. Never failed once to be the most preferred among drinks, The Humble Beer has some of the most intriguing facts hidden in the froth.

  1. First Drink?
    The first ever recipe recorded in the world has been found out to be that of brewing Beer dating back to about 5,000 BC. Well, our ancestors took their drinks very seriously- and what a great way to pass it on to the next generations!

  2. Do it the Smart way!
    A New England Journal has found in an extensive study that women who are moderate drinkers of Beer are actually cognitively more capable than those who are non-drinkers. Well, it is commonly known that Beer strengthens bones, and now the Brain too! Drink it up then ladies!

  3. Rule o’ the Beer!
    The expression “Rule of Thumb” comes from the Beer brewers who would stick their thumbs inside the barrels kept for brewing Beer to determine if it was time to pour in the yeast for fermentation. Cool, eh?

  4. he Great Flood of Beerness
    About 388 Gallons of Beer flooded the streets of London in 1814, when vats in a brewery near the Tottenham court road ruptured. The Judge and the Jury ruled that this flood was an act of God, even though eight people were killed. What a way to go, huh?

  5. Highest Drunk
    After Water and Tea, beer not only the highest drunk beverage in the world, also the highest loved one. In some cases Beer was actually considered safer to drink than water- the examples are distributed throughout history, right from the Pyramids of Giza to Great Britain in the 17th Century. No wonder then, right?

  6. Froth Me
    The often disliked frothy head of Beer is actually the proof of taste that everyone should look for. It is the product of complex carbon dioxide reactions and the better the froth, the better the quality of your Beer. However! Another very interesting thing that this froth proves, is the quality of the glass you are drinking it in! Yes, the better the froth, the cleaner the glass!

  7. Beer Payment
    Just like the instances where it was safer to drink Beer than Water throughout History, rulers and Governments have also deemed Beer to be a good mode of payment to workers, throughout history as well! The best examples are the builders and workers that worked during the building of the Pyramids of Giza. Not only was it safe to drink Beer due to high bacterial content in the premises during that time, it was also very easily available and in very large quantities- so it was a great mode of payment! In fact, a Government organization in Amsterdam still pays workers in the form of Beer for working to keep the streets clean. This way they make sure the alcoholics are not out of work, and the streets are clean!