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Resto Bars In Bangalore

Resto Bars In Bangalore

What is a gastropub and how it is different from a pub?

A gastropub is a new trend added to the dictionary of pubs and restaurants. The concept of gastronomy and pubs came into existence in the early 90’s. Pubs are the ones that specialize in serving alcohol and a minor weightage is given to the food. A gastropub comes with various exquisite food options that set the vibes for a good restaurant while the ambiance is quite laid back and casual that reminds you of a pub.

They serve you variety of alcoholic drinks and beers. If you are a beer lover then at some places you can also get a freshly brewed beer that will surely satiate your taste palate. There are a number of resto-bars in Bangalore that not only serve you good food but also offer a variety of drinks options.

The plating style in gastropubs is very unique and they often churn out new innovative ideas for making their plating look interesting and creative. For e.g. You can get a plate of nachos that will be layered with cheese, Tabasco and several other vegetables baked together reminding you of Italian Indian flavors or sausages may be featured but made from things like smoked chicken and green apple, and served with a calvados reduction. There are a number of pubs in Bangalore without entry fee where you can just go and relax on a lazy day.

These places generally offer you reasonable prices for the food as well as the drinks. The décor is not sophisticated with tables laid with white table clothes rather they are on the casual side creating a juxtaposition of a fine dining and a crawling pub. You can always have a quick look about the pubs in Bangalore with price.