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Monthly subscriptions pubs in Bangalore

Being healthy is what we all desire, but consumption of alcohol while trying to unwind ourselves with friends often comes as a setback for our healthy diet regime. How can we achieve six-packs while also enjoying our favorite drinks? Mindful drinking can come as a rescue for your mind as well as body. Alcohol consumption with monthly subscriptions pubs in Bangalore allows you to have free drinks at favorite pubs and bars.

There are some tips that you can surely adopt when next time you go out for a party at pocket friendly pubs in Bangalore:

  • Drink neat or on the rocks: Drinking your favorite liquor neat or on the rocks can always cut down a huge amount of extra calories that you add through several sugary juices. It is always clear type of alcohol that goes easy on the body. Neat vodka contains only about 97 calories and zero carbs. Although while drinking neat you should always go slow and avoid gulping it down quickly, as they are quite concentrated. There are plenty of monthly subscriptions pubs in Bangalore that provide free drinks to their customers.
  • Eat and be dehydrated: Always eat something before your alcohol intake. Food will act gauge your stomach and will prevent it from getting the alcoholic attacks that are hard to endure. Water intake between your alcoholic drinks also prevents you from getting overdrunk and trains your mind to stop when you might go overboard. There are plenty of food options at monthly subscriptions pubs in Bangalore so eat while you drink.
  • Wine: Wine is a healthy alternative as compared to the other hard liquors. A 5-ounce serving of wine has about 100-150 calories and 5 grams of carbs. There are several health benefits of wine if it is taken in moderation. The antioxidants resveratrol that is an integral ingredient of wine helps in lowering cholesterol levels and reduces risk of depression and diabetes. Wine is expensive liquor but you can get it at reasonable prices at pocket friendly pubs in Bangalore.
  • Beer: It is one of the most sought beverages that have been ruling the hearts of lot of people. Unfortunately, beer is loaded with calories and carbohydrates. It is quite tough to find a balance between healthy beer drinking and maintaining a flat stomach. Light beers can do some justice as they come with lower alcohol level but here again the problem is that you can knock down several bottles because of the low alcoholic content.

The key to healthy drinking is moderation and being thoughtful about your body.