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pubs and bars in bangalore

You look at the clock, and a surge of ecstasy engulfs you when you realise that you are about to get rid of a long and monotonous week and charge yourself up in the weekend. You glance sideways and can see your colleagues trying to suppress the same ‘happy vibrations’ and trying to focus on whatever time is left or at least pretending to focus. Suddenly you find yourself in some dreamy, distant land full of relaxation and enjoyment and your smile broadens literally lighting your face. It is at this time when you start planning what to do on the weekend. Obviously, you don't want to waste any moment of the short-term happiness and start from the Friday night itself.

Being a part of Bangalore city, one thing for which you need not worry about is the nightlife. The city abounds in some great clubs, pubs, restaurants, and breweries. People from different corners of the world work here and a busy crowd, for sure knows how to party. So if you wish to enjoy your Friday night to the fullest, do have a look at the following options:

  • Rooftop restaurants - If you don’t mind spending an extra dime in return for a soothing ambience and classy interior, go for the rooftop restaurants and lounges where you can catch up with your near and dear ones or impress that special one. Amazing weather of Bangalore accompanied with fine dining experience is sure to boost up your mood.

  • Resto bars - These are the places that scream youth, fun and mysterious at the same time. You can eat, drink, and dance to your heart’s content and is the best place to party with friends. Afterall, what can be a better way to bond with them other than a few drinks, delicious food and a heartfelt laughter.

  • Pubs & Bars - Tired of the almost non-existent social life you had for a week, you may choose to go to a pub or bar having an assorted variety of food as well as drinks. You need to do nothing except letting your hair down, donning your party shoes and enjoying best of the liquors and wine. Most of them have free drinks to try so that you can be clear with your taste and needs. In fact, if you are lucky enough, you might land at a place having special weekend schemes offering discounts as well as free services.

However, if you are among those tired ones that have absolutely no intention of going out leaving the comforts of your home, you need not sulk being alone or hungry. If you can’t go out, surely the fun can come on in. No matter who says what, indoor fun is as enjoyable as the parties and dances. What you require is some food and good company. Just invite some of your friends over to your flat and order some beer and pizza. Most of the breweries, as well as the pizza houses, nowadays have free and speedy home delivery. Keep a movie screening or dust off those board games, and you are all set to go - warm, cosy, and enjoy.

Friday night-ins are all about the fun you have with your friends. No matter where you choose to go - one of the best restaurant, lounge, resto bars or rooftop dining of Bangalore, do remember to enjoy your time to the fullest and freshen up before you gear up to face yet another rough, tiring week.