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How to have a blind wine tasting party

Blind Wine tasting parties make for an enjoyable event. After all, as they say, wine is bottled poetry and who doesn’t enjoy a good poetry evening. It does not only let you enjoy the poem, but it also allows you to enjoy with the people whom you have fun with. However organising a party or hosting a wine party can be quite challenging a task. An idea of the same can be exciting but converting the concept into success is a little tricky. A few guidelines for the same would help you in hosting the part with as much efficiency as possible and furthermore, that much ease. You can make it as formal or as casual as you want to.

Set a date and send out invites

Choosing a date is not merely a question of when. You need to factor in a lot of aspects into the decision making process. If its winter, aside from road-related problems, guests might not be very keen on sipping cold white wines. If you’re hosting the party outdoors in summer, then it might get too hot for the guests actually to enjoy the bolder red wines. April, being a very neutral month, weather-wise can be a good time to organise your party. While inviting more number of people sounds very attractive, it might not really be feasible. That would require buying more number of wine bottles, and that can burn a hole in your pockets.

Invite few people, set a theme for dress wear and the medium to be used for sending the invitations can be entire up to your discretion. Word of mouth, text message or card invitations, and so on. It all depends on your budget and the guests.

Choosing and preparing the wines

Usually, the ideal variety constitutes of an equal number of reds and whites. But again, you can select your composition. You can talk to your local retailer for more information on your wines. Make sure that they are not very different from each other in taste. Remember that the harder it is for your guests to detect the kind of wine they are sipping, the more fun the party gets. Chose wine bottles that are similar in size and shape and wrap them with an aluminium foil to spice up the guessing game! Ensure that your white wines are placed in a bucket filled with ice to keep them chilled.

Decide the food menu

If you are planning on serving food along with wines, decide what kind of food and cuisine you’re looking at. Starter, main course or desserts.


Lastly, make sure you have proper glasses for the party. While plastic cups seem to be a very feasible idea, remember that an essential part of the experience of a blind wine tasting is smelling, swirling and tasting the wine. Plastic cups will defeat the purpose of the event.

There. Doesn’t seem very hard now, does it? Blind Wine tasting party is an event that you will enjoy hosting, the most!