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Are you a beer connoisseur in the making? A Collector, a wanna-be collector, or just someone who likes Beer as a cool relaxing drink at the end of a hard working day? Well, then this interesting tidbit of an article might be of interest to you. Why, you ask? Well, here we are discussing different types and flavors of your favorite drink. Interested? Read on, then!

Everybody knows that there are majorly two types of Beer- Lager and Ale. However, do we know what to expect when we taste Lager or Ale? Or how many different “sub-types” there are of Lager and Ale? No? Well, do not worry! We are here to clear it all up and educate as well as entertain you!

  1. Oktoberfest

    Let us start with Lagers. Lagers are generally supposed to be more bitter and crisp than sweet and have more of a tangy after taste. Oktoberfest is one of the most famous lagers that people dream of drinking. It is a full bodied or crisp tasting beer with the froth actually telling you how good the quality of the drink as well as the glass is! Dark brown in color, and majorly known for being drunk in October (hence the name), it has a slightly sweet aftertaste that people honestly say makes them want to keep drinking!

  2. Bock

    Yet another well-known and worldly lager is the Bock. It has a slightly higher average alcohol content than the Oktoberfest, and is famous for its sweeter taste. The average alcohol content is around 5-7 percent and the taste is all hop and very little malt. The best thing about the Bock is the wide range of flavors it is available in. Dark in color but sweet to taste- it is like one beautiful celebration for your taste buds!

  3. Stout

    Now, let us come to Ales. Ales are sweeter and more full bodied than lager. Although there not much difference in the alcohol content between the types, the color and taste do vary depending upon the grains used and the time given to ferment. Stout is a fairly well known ale. It is different from other ales in the way that while others are “malted” ales, this one is roasted. The sweet and bitter balance in this drink is to die for, and the caramel aroma? Awesome!

  4. Amber

    One more of the worldly ales, is the Amber. Aptly named, it is amber in color (surprise, surprise!) and has a beautiful caramelised aroma. However, this is one of the completely malted and not roasted ales. The average alcohol content is just as much as the Stout, but the bitter is very very low. All amber, frothy and sweet, this one is for those who like their drinks chocolaty! And it honestly makes you wish that your tap had it running instead of boring old water, trust us!

There are of course, other famous and wide varieties of beer that you should definitely know about. Another way to describe beers is through their maltiness or hoppiness, but that is a story for a different article!