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pubs and bars in bangalore

Cocktails have been one of the most innovative inventions in the history of liquors. Some of the classic cocktail recipes are evergreen and their favoritism has not vanished away with time. They have been satiating the palates of our forefathers and are still popular among the young generations.

We all have our drinks preferences some are gin and tequila lovers, while some get excited seeing a bottle of scotch. No matter what you like, now is the time to keep your preferences aside and give these quintessential cocktails a try that will refresh the most polished palates too.

To truly understand and appreciate your beer, here are some of the basic terms that every beer nerd should know:

  1. New Orleans fizz:

    pubs and bars in bangalore

    A fizz drink is one of the most popular forms of alcoholic beverage whose major elements are acidic juices and carbonated water. New Orleans fizz is a hometown specialty of New Orleans. It is creamy, foamy and an extremely delicious beverage that introduced eggs into cocktail recipes. This unique addition gives extra texture to the concoction creating a frothy masterpiece. A perfect fizz is relative to the amount of jiggling and shaking done.

    P.S: It is said that back in 1940’s fizz drinks were so popular that bars used to employ people who would take turns just for shaking the drinks.

  2. Manhattan:

    pubs and bars in bangalore

    A story in the backdrop suggests that this cocktail originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City in early 1880’s. Rye whiskey teamed up with sweet vermouth and aromatic bitters produced a perfect glass of Manhattan. While after some time when rye whiskey fell out of place then bartenders started using Canadian whiskey, bourbon, and rum as the new substitutes. Manhattan is quite flexible and can be ordered according to your taste preferences.

  3. Sazerac:

    pubs and bars in bangalore

    This cocktail is a local tipple of New Orleans. A Sazerac is a quite complex drink made with an absinthe rinse, rye whiskey (originally made with cognac), bitters and a sugar cube. It has an underlying anise flavor that adds an extra punch and fragrance to the whole preparation.

    An impeccable Sazerac experience happens with a perfect balance of rye whiskey and absinthe that creates a tantalizing effect for the drinker. There are some good pubs and bars that excel at making perfect cocktails. You can always get some best bar deals in Bangalore.

  4. Sidecar:

    pubs and bars in bangalore

    People often prefer cognac neat or with some water. The sidecar cocktail tipple gives a whole new definition to cognac. A concoction of Cognac with lime juice and orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Grand Gala or another triple sec) creates a magical combination that is hard to ignore. If the sugar- coated rim is bemusing you, then it is just there to mask the sharp taste of this cocktail. What are you waiting for just lick it up!

  5. Old Fashioned-

    pubs and bars in bangalore

    The most primitive definition for a cocktail defines it as a balanced mixture of spirits, bitters and a sweetener. Old-fashioned cocktail infuses these ingredients in its recipe as rye whiskey, muddled sugar, bitters, and a splash of citrus rind. This cocktail is quite versatile in terms of fruits and spirits used. Traditionally it is served in a unique style short, round tumbler shaped glass, which is called an old fashioned glass probably named after this drink.

    P.S: In 2015 the city of Louisville named the Old Fashioned as its official cocktail.