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Best Breweries In Bangalore

Best Breweries In Bangalore

Your guide to the best breweries in Bangalore

India is still trying to make itself the destination for best breweries in the world. But Bangalore has already proved itself by being the home for some of the best breweries. The city is steadily revolutionizing the beer culture in India.

Beer carries a rich legacy and here are some interesting and fun facts about beer and brewing

  • Beer is considered as the 3rd most consumed drink in the world.

  • There are about 400 and above types of beer available.

  • The process of brewing has started since 7000 B.C.

  • At any given time, around 0.7 of the population in the world are drunk.

  • Having a fear of an empty beer glass is termed as Cenosillicaphobia.

  • The strongest beer in the world contains 67.5% of alcohol.

  • Alcoholics in Amsterdam are paid in beer for cleaning the streets.

  • Political parties in Argentina have their own brands of beer.

  • Austria has pools of beer where you can swim.

  • McDonald’s serve beer in Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria.

Now let’s dig into the topic, here is your guide to the best breweries in Bangalore.

Characteristics of best breweries in Bangalore

Varieties of Beer:

Beer is the reason many people visit the breweries for and such a brewery should be offering the guests with all varieties of beers and thus allow them to taste the best and tastiest beer. The pub should also make their own customized beer, which makes their menu unique and attractive. So, the pub menu should be filled with interesting varieties of beers, making seasonal beers also attracts the customers.


To occupy the place among the best breweries in Bangalore, a brewery or a pub should follow the best hygienic fermentation process for making the beer. This is the one thing that many customers will feel concerned about. So, a pub with the most hygienically processed beer gathers the attention of the guests.


This characteristic is considered as the most important point for all the pubs, restaurants, and clubs. The service offered at the pub for the guests is what makes them feel at home and drags them there every time. The bar attenders should make the guests feel comfortable.


Along with serving the best beer, the brewery should also offer the guests with exquisite interiors which enhance their mood and help them to get refreshed from the stress of the week. The interiors and ambience should be classy and attractive.


The brewery should offer its guests with the food items in the menu that are rich in taste. A brewery should not only offer the best beer, but also offer some great complimentary food items with it and make the customer feel satisfied.

Along with all the above mentioned characteristics, a pub should need to have some fame among the public in the city which can be built with the help of some experience and over the time when all these things are maintained. Then it can take place among the best breweries in Bangalore.