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Beer Special Offers In Bangalore

What are various beer types?

If you are a beer aficionado and love Brew-talk as much as you love beer then gear up for some more interesting facts about your favorite beverage. Unscrew your chilled beer bottle, make yourself comfortable and trample with us on your beer exploration journey.

You can always find some unlimited beer offers in Bangalore breweries where you can try various types of beer. Some of the basic beer types are:

1.) Ale: It is a type of beer that is brewed with help of warm fermentation techniques. They are full bodied with traces of fruit and spices. The unique factor in Ale came from the fact that this beer was traditionally produced without the addition of hops. The bittering agent used in Ale was gruit ( a mixture of herbs and spices), unlike other beers that used hops. Over the years trends changed and gruit was finally replaced by hops. If you are a beer enthusiast and love to experiment with your beer choices then you can avail some beer special offers in Bangalore at best breweries of the city.

Ale is generally dark colored as compared to lager. They have rich gold to amber reddish tones. The top fermenting technique and addition of more hops in the wort impart Ale distinct fruity and acidic attributes. How about checking out some beer special offers in Bangalore at your nearest brewery?

2.) Lagers: Lager in German means store, which justifies the concept of lager beers. Lager beer is stored for several months and conditioned at near freezing temperatures with color tones varying from pale, golden to amber and dark. Lagers have a smooth finish and are one of the most popular beers in the world. A lager generally describes the beer type that is produced from bottom-fermenting techniques.

Generally, most lagers can be defined as pale to medium colored with high carbonation content and medium to a high hoppy flavor. Why don’t you search for the breweries that offer beer special offers in Bangalore and try some of them with your friends?

3.) Stouts and porters: Beer that is dark colored and made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water, and yeast is called stout. Stouts are not too sweet to taste and features a rich, creamy head. The coffee-like dark and slightly astringent character of stouts comes from unmalted roasted barley.

Porter is brewed with a combination of roasted malted barley that is also accountable for its dark color, flavor, and aroma. Apart from that, all other techniques involved are same for both stouts and porters.

We recently came across unlimited beer offers in Bangalore at the best breweries. Why don’t you visit and try them out?