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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” by Benjamin Franklin

BEER. A simple drink generated by brewing cereals. Although beer is a simple alcoholic drink, it has a special place in our choice of drinks. In spite of being simple alcoholic drink beer has helped people bond with each other for a long time now. People drink beer with friends, colleagues and sometimes total strangers just to have a casual chat or to develop a bond or just to catch up. How can we forget the good times when games that we played during our college life included crazy fun and beer such as BEER PONG, FLIP CUP, THREE MAN, EDWARD 40 HANDS, BEER ROULETTE etc. Good news! For all the crazy beer lovers. There are several health benefits of beer when consumed in moderation. According to science drinking beer makes you smart. We can give you several reasons to have your favourite beer, let us start with the 7 reasons that prove beer is good for health and will help you live longer.

1. Good for heart
I know you already feel that is good for the heart in terms that it helps to reduce stress. There are must be a good number of people in love with beer, which might be the reason for so many researches on it. It reduces the risk of heart attack and even helps you forget your heart ache, in case.

2. Less risk for kidney stones
Drinking beer reduces the chance of kidney stones by 40%, which puts you in a better place than people who don’t enjoy beer.

3. Lowers the risk of diabetesDiabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases, and diabetes brings a lot of other diseases along. Soluble fibre in beer helps to control the blood sugar level.

4. Prevents cancer
The antioxidant in beer puts you at low risk of cancer. The ingredient Xanthohumol present in beer is an anticancer compound.

5. Bones
The Beer has a good amount of silicon content that helps in bone growth. The rich nutrient content in beer helps to keep the bone strong.

6. Cholesterol
Beer increases the good cholesterol in your body. Researches show that beer reduces bad cholesterol in both aorta and liver. Maintaining good cholesterol lowers the chance of heart attack.

7. Beer helps you chill
All you need to have a good time is beer cans and few good friends. The fast-paced and competitive we live in gives a lot of stress. Spending time with friends and sipping your beer will help you relax. The psychological and emotional well-being is very important for a healthy and long life.

So now you know beer not only helps you to have fun, it is also good for your health. Helps you sleep better, rich in vitamins and have antiviral properties. Here’s a bonus a beauty tip related to beer. Washing your hairs with the beer can do wonders; it is also used as a conditioner. So for the next time, anyone comes between you and your beer, you can pull out the health card and get some company as well. Go on and search for “the best beer deals near me”, you might find some great offers that will save you some money.