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Wine is as vintage a drink that you can get. It has been in production for the last thousands of year. In fact, the earliest known wine could be traced in c. 7000 BC in China.

Did you know that red wine was associated with blood by the ancient Egyptians? Well, if you are a self-professed oenophile, you better get down to know your drink up and close.

Here are 7 fun facts about wine that you probably don’t know…

#1 Women get drunk faster on wine than men

And it has got nothing to do with their size or body weight! If a man and a woman are of the same size and build and drank the same amount of wine, the woman will show a highly blood alcohol concentration. Why? Because women have a higher fat content than men. Keep this in mind when you next plan to take your partner for wine tasting!

#2 China is the world’s biggest red wine consumer, but per capita first place is secured by a really small country

The first traces of wine were found in China in c. 7000 BC and in 2013, the Chinese drank their way to a record 155 million 9 liter cases of red wine. They surpassed the French, whose consumption was 150 million cases.

Do you know why red wine is so popular in China? It is because the Chinese consider red as their lucky color.

But, wait. They are not the biggest wine consumers on per capita basis. Can you guess who is? Surprisingly, it is the Vatican. They drink 74 liters per capita per year.

#3 Wine helps in losing weight

Attention, wine drinkers! A study conducted in 2015 claimed that drinking red wine and weight loss go hand-in-hand. All thanks to resveratrol. By the way, don’t be encouraged to become an addicted wine drinker, but maybe one glass before going to bed will not be that harmful. Because as you know, alcohol does have its own share of side effects!

#4 There are people who hate wine!

This might really sound shocking to you, but there exists people who absolutely hate or have a fear of drinking wine. Weird, right? Such a beautiful tasting drink!! In fact, there are quite a sizeable number of people belonging to that category which gave birth to the term “oenophobia”.

#5 Wine “tastings” are named inaccurately

Top wine sommeliers or connoisseurs agree that wine “tastings” are not named accurately because smell is by far the most important sense when it comes to drinking or tasting the wine.

#6 Storage of wine was called alchemy

The ability to store wine until maturity was considered alchemy in the ancient Egypt (modern wine lovers do not seem to disagree because wine is like a universal elixir!). The privilege of storing wine was only that of the pharaohs. So, can you believe what a special drink you are actually drinking? Be careful, next time.

#7 Improves sex life

This is probably one of the most interesting and fascinating facts about wine. If you drink regularly, it can actually help you boost your sex drive. An awesome reason to start drinking wine, isn’t it?