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Who doesn’t enjoy guzzling a glass of cocktail in the weekends and washing it down with fiery red cuisine?

Having a drink and more importantly having the right drink is an art in itself. Shaking the right malt, stirring the perfect Martini and finishing the drink off in a gulp might look like the perfect weekend. So, to help you chill out and explore whacky cocktails and drinks, we have compiled a list of the happening cocktails in Bangalore.

Go on, just grab these drinks and chill out!

5) Bloody Mary:

What good is a cocktail list without Bloody Mary? This exquisite favorite that infuses Vodka, Tomato and host of other delectable spices is a classic favourite among all partygoers. Some other variants of Bloody Mary that adds a dollop of Tabasco Sauce, Olives, Celery, Cayenne Pepper are a few ways that a patron can try out. While Bloody Mary is almost a name to reckon with, Bloody Mary continues to draw veteran partygoers and new socialites on the same platform.

So, if you are looking to take a swirl from a classic drink on a Saturday night, then Bloody Mary should be your ideal choice.

4) Moscow Mule:

Another favourite cocktail that is fashioned out of vodka is Moscow Mule. A tantalizing glass of Moscow Mule that is made out of ginger beer and Lemon will be anyone’s ideal companion on a late Saturday night. While the Moscow Mule is a standalone cocktail that wins its patrons hands-down, complementing the drink with a thin sliver of Citric Lime wedge will also augment the drink’s tang.

So, if you are just looking to gulp a glass of Moscow Mule, just load your Copper Mug with the drink and sit back and relax.

3) Mojito:

This cocktail of Cuban origin is well known for a dollop of sweetness and the dash of citric flavor. This favourite Summer drink consists of five simple ingredients that are shaken well to give the drink its refreshing taste. The White Rum which added to the Sugar Cane Juice along with Mint and Lime Juice gives Mojito its distinctive tang. Also, adding sparkling soda water to the drink and sprinkling a dash of crushed ice to Mojito will simply enhance the tang of the drink.

So, if you are looking for a relatively low alcohol cocktail on a perfect evening, then Mojito should be your ideal choice. Do give this drink a try and be absorbed by the magic of the sweet and citric tang.

2) Cosmopolitan:

Cosmopolitan is yet another classic cocktail that can be conveniently whipped up. A Cosmo, as it is famously called is a concoction of Vodka, Cranberry Juice and a dollop of the tantalizing sweetened Lime. Cosmopolitan is a favourite among all party going crowd and the drink occupies a prime spot in almost everyone’s must-try list. The distinctive flavor of the sweetened Lime juice added to the fiery taste of the alcohol will simply augment the drink’s flavor.

So, if are simply lounging around on a Sunday and have a craving for a casual cocktail that can be easily whipped up then Cosmopolitan should be your ideal choice. Don’t forget to give this concoction a try so that you don’t miss out on the perfect play-off between Cranberries, Lime mixture with Vodka.

1) Screwdriver:

This cocktail has been fashioned to cater to the “desi” flavor in all partygoers. The screwdriver is yet another eclectic cocktail that can be simply whipped up in an instant. The right balance between the Citric Orange juice and Vodka will confer the drink its distinctive taste and make the tangy flavor in the drink stand out.

So, if at all you wish to gulp down screwdriver, just ensure that you have a sprinkle of crushed ice to give your drink a perfect flavor.

Now that you know about the exquisite cocktails that you can try, how good would it be if you can get a free drink every day from a range of Beer, Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka and Wine from your favourite Pub?

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