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Learning about wine is a lot like learning how to swim. You know, you just have to simply jump in!

Education regarding wine is all about taste, taste and taste. It may sound pleasurable to some, but mastering tasting is such a task that if you’re successful in it, you might just feel you’re atop Mt. Everest!

Did you know that tasting actually comes last in the art of wine tasting? Well, here are 5 things that you did not know about wine tasting.

# Evaluating the quality of wine by sight

There are a quite a few steps before you can finally “taste” the wine. It all begins with examining the wine by sight. Here, there is a technique. You have to first look straight into the glass and then, hold it up against the light for a better look. Wait! That’s not all. Then, you have to tilt the glass a little and let the wine roll towards the edge. This will give you a clear idea about the depth of color, the density and saturation of the wine. A deeply-saturated, purple-black color might suggest Syrah or a lighter, pale brick shade might suggest Pinot Noir and so on.

# Swirl the wine

You already have swirled it once, but that was to understand the color. This time, you have to concentrate on the density of the wine. When you swirl the wine in the glass, droppings will be left behind in the glass, known as legs. A dry, light wine is going to have thin legs and will flow freely, while heavy-bodied wine is going to have more condensed and solid legs.

# Smell the wine

Yes, you have to smell the wine before you can taste it. No, do not completely bury your nose into the glass. You just have to take really short sniffs and then, step away from the glass. Let your brain process the information and indentify the key fragrances of the wine.

# The moment has come – taste!

Now that you know the color, smell and density, it is time to savor the wine you have been holding so longingly. When you taste, do not go for a big gulp that you would normally do when drinking beer. Just take a really small sip because it is about understanding the flavors – sweetness, bitterness, sourness and acidity.

# Spit, don’t swallow (Yes, really!)

Did you think the eureka moment has come? No! Wine is unlike any other alcohol and really, the more it ages, it does taste better. Similarly, there is absolutely no rush with the art of tasting wine. Now that you have got an understanding of the flavor, you need to spit out the wine in your mouth. But, if you are planning not to drive back, maybe you can swallow it.

So, are you ready to become a wine connoisseur? Practice the art of wine tasting before you actually go to one! You wouldn’t want the experts to catch you, would you?

Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Please share your experience!