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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder!” isn’t it true folks? When you take a sip of beer, every saddening thing in your life seems to just fade away, every negative vibe goes, and you just happen to believe that “oh, goodness is still left in the world.” There is a thing about beer that it just takes you into another dimension- a completely different realm, a realm where it’s just you and your glass full of chilled beer and all your worries vanishes. A glass of beer is all you need to lead a stress-free life, simple, right? Things have also become easier with the coming of free drinks apps. No fuss.

We very well know the importance of this elixir of life but let us go behind-the-scenes. So, the business of making and selling of beer is known as “brewery”. There is a whole lot of labor that goes into its making. The place where it is commercially made is called brewery or a beer house. There are different kinds of beer breweries, let’s take a look at the top 5 of them.

1. Ales
Ale is a type of beer that is brewed using warm fermentation method. The method produces a sweet and fruity taste. These are darker than lagers, ranging from rich gold to reddish amber. Ale, when consumed with bread, was considered an important source of nutrition, in the medieval world. So now you’ve got a reason! ;) It did not serve the purpose of intoxication and was rather hydrating, hence, could also be consumed by children. There are sub divisions in this type- brown ale, pale ale, Indian pale ale, golden ale and many more.

2. Lager
This is made by storing in for several months in near- freezing temperatures, hence the German word “lager”, meaning “to store”. These are world’s most popular beers. Lagers have high carbonation and range from pale to black. Even the taste may range from sweet to bitter. Before the advent of refrigerators, they were stored in cellars filled with ice.

3. Malt
Dark. Sweet. If it does remind you of chocolate, then you are right. Malt contains hints of caramel, toffee and nuts. Malt beer is brewed from malted barley. Sugar extracted from malted barley is fermented, and this gives birth to this kind of beer. So now you know that your beer is not that unhealthy!

4. Porter
This beer is dark in colour and is fruity and dry. It was developed in London and is made from brown malt. Malted barley is used to impart a darker colour and a distinct burnt taste. It is usually associated with another type called stout as the both holds minimum difference. Top- fermentation method is used to produce porters. Porter was first brewed in Ireland in 1776.

5. Stouts
Like porters, stout is also dark in colour but is a little extra sweet in taste than the former. The most common variation of this was “dry stout” which was known as the best selling stout. Its other variations are the milk stout, chocolate stout, oyster stout and imperial stout.

So that was it on breweries, and after reading it you probably would now be tempted to grab a glass of chilled bear as it can make your life brewiful…Oh, I meant beautiful :D. So go ahead and grab one as India’s first drinks app makes the task less painful and cuts the fuss!