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We all enjoy a nice refreshing beer, every now and then. Being loved by almost all, it is easily one of the best drinks in its category. It could have got you new friends, it could have helped you get over your girlfriend, and sometimes it could have gone further in enlightening your spirit. In addition to all of this, there are a lot of other scientifically proven reasons to love a good brew. With the best beer cafes located in bangalore, we know that you’ll be excited to know the health benefits of Beer. Let’s get down to them.

1) Because Beer can help you live long - Hard to believe?

Moderate drinking is never dangerous for your health. And beer is the first thing that would come to your mind if you think of moderate drinking. Too much drinking can land you in trouble. A lot of independent studies have proved that moderate drinkers live longer and better than drunkards and teetotalers. Italian researchers have also found that people who have beer had 42% less chances of getting a heart disease.

2) You can be a creative genius!

Having a pint of beer everyday can boost your creativity says a study in the journal Consciousness & Cognition. It will not only make you smarter, but will also significantly change the way you think. Creative people have a way of relaxing the self-critical parts of the brain when they're performing really well. Studies have strongly proved that moderate amount of alcohol also does the same to your body. So, let your creative juices flow with a pint of beer, Everyday!

3) Worry no more about Belly fat - Beer doesn’t add up to it!

Beer is all natural & doesn’t need any preservatives. Both alcohol & hops in beer are natural preservatives. There is common assumption that people who have beer are more obese than non-beer drinkers. People who consume beer moderately (1-2 pints a day) weigh less than non-beer drinkers says studies. Beer can improve your metabolism, keep your body from fat and make you a healthier person overall. So, why wait? Drink beer. Live healthy & long. With the best breweries in Bangalore situated very close by, having a drink or two frequently shouldn't be that difficult. With Foom now, you can have one free drink in bangalore, 365 days in a year. So, what are you waiting for?