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Bangalore Happy hour bars

We all enjoy a nice refreshing beer, every now and then. Being loved by almost all, it is easily one of the best drinks in its category. It could have got you new friends, it could have helped you get over your girlfriend, and sometimes it could have gone further in enlightening your spirit. In addition to all of this, there are a lot of other scientifically proven reasons to love a good brew. With the best beer cafes located in bangalore, we know that you’ll be excited to know the health benefits of Beer. Let’s get down to them.

Your choice of alcoholic drink defines your personality!

Let your bar choices do all the talking today.

  1. Martini –The style icons:
    Martini drinkers love to look all chic and plush. They have an extreme affinity towards lavish brands and sometimes end up being a bit pretentious. Their stylish demeanor often leaves a strong impression on the opposite sex and their bosses. They always try to stand apart from the world.Best time to order: During a lunch or meeting, as it doesn’t get you high fast
  2. Long island iced tea – The fidgety minds:
    Long island tea is a cocktail and it makes one high and awry really fast, people opting for this drink are the restless souls who are not patient enough to go slow with their drinks. They just want to get intoxicated and travel a whole new world of their own. They are the notorious beings that hardly pay attention to other people around and just want to enjoy on their own. You should not miss a chance to enjoy at Bangalore happy hour bars that have some really impressive offers.Best time to order: When you are in your most comfortable zone.
  3. Vodka: Mr./Miss calorie conscious:
    Vodka is the most profound Russian alcohol because of its low-calorie count. People who want to party hard but at the same time they are conscious about weighing scale meter choose vodka as their party drink. They know drinking it won’t make them guilty as they can easily burn it off on the treadmill the next morning.Best time to order: Chilling at a birthday party.
  4. Beer – The easygoing one:
    Beer lovers are the most easygoing and carefree people. They love to relax while having a chilled beer in complete solace or with a group of friends at a brewery in Whitefield. They are witty, humorous and quite easy to get along with. They believe in simplicity and hate to complicate things unnecessarily.Best time to order: Anytime
  5. Mojito: The adventurous one:
    They love adventure and try to experiment new things. They are not afraid of taking challenges and pushing their limits. They never mix up their personal and professional lives and try to maintain a balance between the two. Apart from that they are very patient and believe in work hard and party harder. If you want to get really lucky then how about visiting happy hours pubs in Bangalore, where you can get some really cheap liquor.Best time to order: When you want instant mood uplift after a stressful day.
  6. Scotch-The traditionalist:
    They are a staunch follower of conventional ideas and do not believe in experimenting. They are no risk takers and won’t compromise with their security even if they find their life monotonous and boring. They can’t handle chaos and become distraught easily. Such people need to come out of their comfort zone and need to look at other colors of their life rainbow.Best time to order: On a chilly freezing night.